Table Talk - 1-843-AVID-KNOB

We tweak Kip's aspects, prepare for the puzzle-heads, and discuss the coming dystopian 16-4-2 future in an amazingly skippable Table Talk.

Kings of Cattle Hill - Part 6

It’s up to Trevor and Kip... and Ramis. Oh, and William Dandridge, too. Can they crack the case, or will their hopes of joining Cattle Hill go up in flames?

Kings of Cattle Hill - Part 3

Kip and Trevor investigate the party catering staff and let them know that the only thing on the menu is busts, stings, and buffalo wings.

Kings of Cattle Hill - Part 2

Completely normal and inconspicuous rich dudes Sir Kippington and Preston Worthington visit Cattle Hills as guests of William Dandridge.

Kings of Cattle Hill - Part 1

Trevor tries to teach his best bud Kip how to golf, but crime has other ideas. Will they pull a "bogey" or will they manage to get a "birdie"? Listen and find out!

Men of Steel - Part 6

Man vs Technology turns into Man vs Man in this quirky and conflict-filled last episode of Men of Steel.

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