The Taskforce - Part 6

Dudes, this case is cracked. Now it's time to kick some ass and take some names. And maybe later Whitt will actually learn some of the names.

The Taskforce - Part 5

Steel and Simpkins are on a stakeout. Will they catch the criminals red-handed, or will they get their informant brutally murdered?

Honestly, both sound cool. Why can't it be both?

The Taskforce - Part 4

The rookies Steel and Simpkins follow up on an immature lead, and no pizza slice is safe.

The Taskforce - Part 3

Steel and Simpkins are looking for clues, but end up finding trouble instead. I mean, yes, they were also technically looking for trouble, but that's not going in the official report because they're not nerds. They're lawmen.

The Taskforce - Part 2

With a burned-up piece of "drug bacon" as their only lead, Steel and Simpkins are on the hunt for any clues they can get about the victim who smoked himself to oblivion with the help of Weed 2.0.

The Taskforce - Part 1

It's the first day on the job for ex-FBI agent Trevor Steel and his head-banging new partner, Kip Simpkins.

Can Steel handle the mess of being a cop out on the streets?

Can Simpkins manage being on the DFWTF without missing band practice for his seven bands?

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