Men of Steel - Part 5

In a very special episode, it's up to Kip and Trevor to human-right(s) some robo-wrongs as they make their way to the command center using MAXIMUM FORCE.

Men of Steel - Part 4

Kip and Trevor are the only thing standing between an office full of terrified civilians and an army of robots who want to spill (and then clean) their blood.

Men of Steel - Part 3

What were Steel and Simpkins up to at the robot factory? Oh yeah, security. Time to get back to work!

Men of Steel - Part 2

In a very special episode of Advanced Sagebrush & Shootouts, Trevor reveals why he's not a total asshole.

Men of Steel - Part 1

Steel and Simpkins help a young old friend deal with an old young problem, but things get complicated fast.

Soundcheck of the Heart - Part 5

You have to give Steel and Simpkins credit for at least trying to be stealthy. It didn't work, and the bad guys know they're coming, so it's time to bring out the big guns (the big guns are grenades).

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